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Simple - from 5$
Full study - from 10$

Simple - from 15$
Full study - from 20$

Full height:
Simple - 25$
Full study - 30$

Examples of simple art:

  Celestial Dusk  by GLaSTALINKA Wheat pony [Comission] by GLaSTALINKA

   Princess Luna by GLaSTALINKA
  Heart and Hooves [Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee] by GLaSTALINKA

Examples of full study:
Rainbow Dash by GLaSTALINKA

Mary Chan by GLaSTALINKA

Princess Cadence portrait by GLaSTALINKA

Background: photo/flat/gradient/simple pattern - for free, everything else - contract price
Detailed feathering of the wings - +10-25$ per pair (depends on size, posture and "level of visibility")
Complex mane - +5-10$
For each additional character - +80%
Humanoid - + 40% of the price
NSFW/Erotic - + 50% of the price

-Atmospheric art
-Sky, stars and clouds
-Long-haired characters
-Contrast colors
-Belts, garters, collars

-Lots of mechanism, gears and other (exclusively for a giant surcharge)
-Increased amount of blood
-"Unlogical" characters

The specified price is the minimum price for a maximally simple character with no clothes and accessories and a simple pose, so if your character have a lot of spots, gradients and over it will cost more
Time for finishing the artwork - from one day to two months
Payment is made on QIWI/PayPal after all the work
If you wish to order commission please send me a note or send me a mail on with reference of your pony and some suggestions to drawing.

Oh God. Oh no. Oh no-no-no-no.

There happened the worst thing that could only happen - my monitor burned just right now.. I do not know where to get money for repairs or for purcharing a new one. Whatewer, I can't draw anything amount traditional sketches, so sorry gues..

This is sad, but no worry, I'll find the way~
Hello everypony!

Well I really need money now so I decided to open commissions. Remember - all commissions are in digital and it's all anthro!

Attention please:
The result is absolutely unpredictable. It can be a portrait or a fullbody, cute and sweet or dark with blood, full or sketch. It could be anything.
2) Only erotica, NO porn.

3) Price is yours, how much is not a pity, but, please, not less than 80 RUB (1.35 USD).
Payment right after as it will be ready at least half of the work.
Payment on QIWI WALLET.

If you wish to order commission please send me a note with reference of your pony and some suggestions to drawing.

Examples of finished arts:
Isabel Izzy (Trade) by GLaSTALINKA   Liverspoon comission by GLaSTALINKA


If you wish to order commission please send me a note with reference of your pony and some suggestions to drawing.

Yah why hi!
Maybe smb there knows how much I love craft and I can made some cool and cute stuff (dream catchers YEAH I SO LOVE TO DO IT WHEEEEE). So, now everybody who read it knows.
Well, just one question: what do you think - submite in future some photo of this or no? Sometimes I REALLY DON'T WANT TO DRAW or I just can't, so some photos will help my gallery to not "freeze".

Oh sorry for my bad english.

На русском это будет проще.
Может маленькой, малюсенькой частичке моей аудитории (человека два хД) известно, что я еще и крафтер и умею делать всякие прикольные милые вещички (обычно это ловцы снов, господи, прям кайф получаю когда их делаю, это как наркота). Ну теперь все, кто прочел этот бред, знают.
КАРОЧИ, заливать ли в будущем при возможности фотки с новых ловцов или пошло оно все? Ну, просто бывает такое, когда РИСОВАТЬ НУ ВООБЩЕ НЕ ХОЧЕТСЯ, или просто не можется, ну не берется карандаш в руки, так что фотки поделок могли бы помочь моей галерее не "замораживаться" на месяца.

А еще мне скучно. Потыкайте меня кто-нибудь.